• The TCQAE is a 501(c)(3) Texas Non-Profit Corporation. Donations are Tax-Deductible!

mission is to work in concert to serve as common voice for the advancement of quality fine arts (music, art, theatre, dance) education for all student in Texas by:
• Articulating the importance of student learning (beginning in early childhood) in the fine arts disciplines; and,
• Communicating proven standards for quality arts programs in our schools.

represents the over three million students enrolled in the fine arts in Texas, their parents, educators, community leaders, and arts advocates involved in and supportive of fine arts education, both publicly and privately.

• The TCQAE includes the
leadership of our arts, education and community member organizations.

• The TCQAE maintains
statewide communications via our websites, mailings, and our extensive email data-base of teachers, administrators, arts organizations, universities, and advocates.

• The TCQAE maintains three (3)
websites: www.tcqae.org, www.GoArts.org and www.artseducationday.org.

monitors and gives testimony to the Legislature, State Board of Education (SBOE), and other decision makers on any action affecting fine arts education.

• The TCQAE provides
consultation and staff development for organizations, school district, and fine arts and elementary teachers.

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