Powell and Huberty to Lead Texas Legislative Fine Arts Education Caucus

For Immediate Release                                          April 10, 2019 

Contact:           Robert Floyd 
Executive Director, Texas Music Educators Association
(512) 452-0710, ext. 101

Senator Beverly Powell and House Public Education Committee Chair Dan Huberty were announced as co-chairs for the Texas Legislative Fine Arts Education Caucus. The caucus serves as a distribution hub for legislators to stay updated on developments impacting fine arts education in Texas public schools. 

Powell said, “I am excited to be working on an issue that is near and dear to my heart.  Having access to quality fine arts programming is critical to a well-rounded education, and increasingly important in preparing our students for the 21st-century workplace.” 

Chair Huberty commented, “This legislative session we are determined to make much needed changes to the way we fund our public schools, and we are also dedicated to making sure all students get the comprehensive educational experience they deserve.  Our caucus is committed to making sure the legislature pursues policies that promote opportunities for the kids who need them the most.”

Powell added, “I look forward to working with Chair Huberty on these important goals and objectives.  It is our duty as legislators not only to ensure all students have access to adequate state resources, but also to guarantee they have access to fine arts programs which help students develop unique development skills in collaboration, creativity, problem-solving and life-long learning – all essential elements of our future workforce.” 

Robert Floyd, Executive Director of the Texas Music Educators Association added, “The fine arts community is grateful to have these two outstanding legislators take a leading role in promoting the advantages and benefits of a fine arts education for all schoolchildren in our great state.”